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5 Key Ingredients to social media management outsourcing for Small businesses

Social Media Management Outsourcing: I have a friend who is an amazing cake baker.  For my son’s birthday last Fall I have shared a Pinterest pin of an Elmo and Cookie Monster cake with her, and she created this deliciously amazing cake just from that picture. social media outsourcingIt was beautiful and she was able to capture every detail. Needless to say, I didn’t even have a piece as it was gone as soon as my son cut the cake. Her business is only about a year old and already it’s thriving due to her amazing craftsmanship and customer service. Just as many of the solopreneur, her clients based started from referrals and now it’s spreading to social media. Just the other day, one of her clients found her on Instagram and instantly ordered a cake with her.

social media outsourcing

But her gift lies in creating an amazing cake and making her clients day special. But at the same time, she has been struggling to keep up with her social media needs.

Her story is not different from many entrepreneurs who have to do it all. This is especially important when it comes to growing engagement and interest on your brand. But how do you just hand over your social media work and make sure your voice, your brand, and your authenticity are captured as part of it? So, take some time to really spend some time on these steps so when you are ready to hire you are ready.

  1. Come up with a goal or outcome for your social media strategy: If your goal is to raise brand awareness then list it there. The key is that you need to know what your goal is before you hand over that task to another so you can measure performance.
  2. Have consistency in your brand: Before you hand over your tasks to a social media manager, make sure you have really drilled down and have your brand in order. As part of your social media strategy you are exposing your audience to your brand, make sure you really have a consistent look for your brand. No one knows the vision for your brand better than you, so make sure you have that ready before someone else can start incorporating that throughout social media.
  3. Create a job description: Not only will this tell the prospects what to expect from the role, but it will also work as a guideline for you when hiring someone.
  4. After hiring make sure you are being flexible: Being flexible and allowing your SMM to be flexible will allow you to be more agile and robust. During Super Bowl XLVII there was a major blackout and Oreos came up with a super creative way to address this. oreo_social media management outsourcing  They did not buy huge ad space during the game but this is still an example of being flexible and coming up with creative ways to take advantage of the situation. Now imagine if their SMM had strict guidelines for the SMM about when and what to post, this viral post would not have happened.
  5. Provide support: Communicate with your SMM regularly to provide support and be in the loop about customer questions or concerns.

BONUS TIP: Share personal content: Be sure to share pictures or content to your SMM that are personal such as a photography of your product, a picture of your team, video of you in action (for my baker friend it would be a video of her designing her cake) to make your content more personable.

Hope these will help you with your social media management outsourcing goal.


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