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Top 5 Web Designs That Hurt Your SEO: SEO Optimization Tips

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been crucial to business growth and success. In this post we are going to go over Web Design that Hurt Your SEO and also share SEO optimization tips. Why is this important? Because SEO is vital to your business growth. You cannot ignore the fact that people everyday are looking for information and product that you provide. It only makes sense that you follow the proper strategy to avoid SEO pitfall. Here is what we will cover today:

    1. Web Design That Hurts SEO
    2. Your URL is Not Optimized
    3. Improper Back-linking Strategies
    4. A Lot of Above the Fold Content
    5. Too Many Social Media Shares

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#1 –Web Design that Hurts SEO

Here are top 5 web design practices that hurt your SEO:

    1. Not Making Your Site User Friendly
    2. Your Site is Not Mobile Optimized
    3. You Have Too Many Large Images on Your Site
    4. Frequent Website Redesign
  1. Not Making Your Site User Friendly: Your website needs to be optimized for user friendliness and easy navigation. Your content should be easy to find and access. If your content is not easy to find, chances are your readers will get frustrated using your site and this will cause increased bounce rate. Bounce rate is % of users that exit your site after viewing a page. In general any bounce rate above 62% needs to be corrected.
  2. Your Site is Not Mobile Optimized: You will need to spend some time making your site mobile friendly. Very recently Google started showing preference to sites that are optimized for mobile. So do some testing to see how your site looks in mobile and make appropriate changes.
  3. You Have Too Many Large Images on Your Site: Please reduce the number of large images that you have in your site. You can use tools such as to resize your images.
  4. Frequent Website Redesign: This comes from a personal experience. For my money blogging site I have updated the site and the keywords that I used to rank number 1 for were ranking me to number 6 or 10. This significantly affected my SEO. I have decided to go back to my previous design after how much it was affecting my overall traffic.

#2 – Your URL is Not Optimized

Here are 5 ways to make your URL SEO friendly:

1. Use Readable URL

2. Get Rid of Numbers

3. Add Your Keywords in the URL

4. Make Your URL Concise

5. For Long Keywords, Use Hyphens (-) Between the Words

#3 – Improper Linking Strategies

Here are top 5 ways to avoid linking pitfalls.

1. Back-links

2. Broken Links

3. Empty Titles

4. Duplicate Pages

5. Missing Meta Description

6. Missing Image Alt Tag

1.  Back-links: Back-links are crucial to SEO success but not using it properly can also cause serious issues when it comes to ranking for your site. SEO Optimization TipTake some time to make sure that the sites where you are getting backlinks from actually ranks on Google under their own name. Otherwise it’s an indication that they have been penalized by Google and you want to avoid those sites.

2. Broken Links: If you have broken links, chances are you are missing out on important SEO juices that could have been flowing to your site. Avoid the SEO pitfall of having links that are not directing anywhere and take some time to fix those appropriate links.

3. Empty Titles: If you have page or posts with empty titles take some time to fix those. Not having the title tag will prevent search engine from properly ranking your website in the first place.

4. Duplicate Pages: Avoid creating duplicate pages with the same content. Do not copy content and use it somewhere else. Also do not create one article and use it for multiple guest posting. Even changing your article a little bit can be frowned upon by SEO so please take proper measure to avoid duplication and focus on creating fresh content that is enriched with value.

5. Missing Meta Description: Make sure your content has the appropriate meta description that gives a snippet of your post and also contains the keywords. If you are not taking some time to update the meta description, not only you will miss out on SEO but also it will confuse the readers who often see the snippet before clicking on your link.

SEO Optimization Tips: Spend some time creating a meta description that fits your content. Also, make sure it’s descriptive and easy to read. 

6. Missing Image Alt Tags: Your images need to contain the alt tag which tells search engine what your image is all about. Keep in mind, people not only search through the web but a ton of people search through the image tab in Google as well. So spend some time updating the alt tags and it will help you in the long run when it comes to SEO.

#4 – A Lot of Above the Fold Content

Amount of above the fold content matters. Gone are the days when you can jam pack it with ads and other contents not relevant to your site. Take a look at your own website.

SEO Optimization Tips: Look for the number of items you see above the fold and check to see if they are relevant to your site. Also avoid using too many ads, not only it makes your site look spammy but it is also frowned upon by Google.

#5 – Too Many Social Media Shares

If your content is not being shared by others, chances are you are missing on traffic and backlink opportunities. There are a ton of tools and plugins that can help you use platform specific social share, take advantage of those and maximize your organic reach.

SEO Optimization Tips: Don’t overwhelm your users with a lot of social media share choice. Instead pick 1-2 platforms that your target users use and add that there. If you have a plugin in your sites that list every single social media platforms, not only is this overwhelming and confusing to your readers but they may avoid sharing your content all together.

There you have it, 5 SEO pitfalls that you need to avoid in your business. Hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any other ideas leave it in the comment below and I would love to hear it. If you want to learn more about SEO and how to increase your SEO effort join us for the 5-Days FREE SEO Challenge Below:

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