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Mindset Matters: How to Expect the Best Outcome In Your Business

What to do when you are discouraged?

I have learned that having a positive mindset matters not matter what the situation is in your life. I have always wanted to become a valedictorian of my class. I would imagine just standing there at the podium giving my speech, thanking my parents, my classmates, and my teachers. The drive kept me motivated on my goal and kept me focused. This vision helped me do extra credits and finishing my homework on time, or studying for a test instead of watching my favorite shows. I would occasionally go to the school secretary’s office to see my latest grades, it was combination of A’s and A+s. But this dream of being a valedictorian was threatened by my math class. In my final exam I have received a lower grade (An A- if any body was asking) and it was going to affect my overall GPA and my chance of becoming a valedictorian.

My nightmare became true when the assistant principle called me at my home one day to tell me I am the Salutatorian. I was devastated. All of my hard works for the last four years didn’t matter. My state competitive scholarship and full scholarship from the college I was enrolled in wasn’t enough to cheer me on. I hugged my mom and cried ugly tears. But later that day I imagined myself giving that speech, thanking my dad who worked overtime and occasionally over the weekends, and my mom who always made sure I ate my breakfast before going to school. I wasn’t going to give up on my dream and the image even become more vivid.

Two days later I’ve received another call from the vice principal. She told me the principal was surprised to hear that I wasn’t the valedictorian so he decided to look through my grades and found out I had enough credit to become the Valedictorian. Needless to say I was ecstatic. I use this story as an example of why mindset matters  in your life. In order to achieve your business goal, you need to expect the best scenario out of a any given situation. Even when the odds are against you.

mindset matters

What to do when you are disappointed?

Another example comes to mind is when I was looking for a retail space for my brick and mortar store. I met with the owner of the property and mentioned to him I needed the space before the holiday season. He told me that will be highly unlikely since the space I was going to rent used to be a restaurant. They had a ton of work to do before I can officially open my business.

As I was driving home after our meeting, I had two choices. I could feel frustrated because I couldn’t have the place on time before the holiday season kicks off or I can stay positive. I have decided to do latter.

I kept my focus the grand opening. I imagined how great it will look once the store opened. At this time I knew having a positive mindset matters. I used affirmations to tell my self what a great experience my customers will have when the business officially launches.

mindset matters

Soon, the project of remodeling began, we picked carpet, the decor, and eventually was done. The project completed just a week before the holiday and we rushed to move everything to the store and prepared for the grand opening.

The day of the grand opening was amazing, people were pouring in, almost everyone bought something from our store. My brother who was helping me at that time and I couldn’t keep up. It was hard work, but I kept a smile on our face because deep down I knew this was way better than I have imagined.

I have learned that having a positive mindset matters and can affect our outcome. Running a business is hard work but keeping our mind focused on the prize often pays off. It took me a long time to focus on the positive outcomes and yes, often I get discouraged and disappointed but I keep focused on my goals. So if you are wondering what it takes to expect best outcome in your business, here is what you need to do:

Use affirmations: Affirmations that you say to your self daily will help you stay focused on your goal.

Visualize your goal: Visualization is very powerful. It helps you train your brain to expect the best in every scenario.

Always expect the best: This will eliminate negative self talk that can cripple you from moving forward.


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