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How to Create A Lead Magnet Opt In List that Converts?

What are lead magnets or opt in for list?

Lead magnets or opt in list offers are freebies that you provide to your readers in exchange for their email address. They are valuable when it comes to grow your email list and build brand authority. Additionally, they are essential when it comes to building your sales funnel.

What are the qualities that make a great lead magnet?

Your lead magnet work on your behalf to do some amazing marketing for your. You need to spend some time perfecting it for optimal conversion. Some of the qualities that makes a great lead magnets are:

  1. It needs to solve a specific problem.
  2. It needs to provide value.
  3. It needs to be easy to consume.
  4. It needs to highlight your client’s pinpoints.

Solving a specific problem: This is crucial when it comes to tailoring your offers and catering to your client’s needs. Often, we forget that we are serving our clients and we have specific needs that we need to address as part of this process.

It needs to provide value: If you are not providing value through your offer, then you are not communicating your expertise and your brand message with your readers. Your readers need to be able to gain value and often times it needs to beyond the expectations.

It needs to be easy to consume: From my clients and experts in the industry I often hear that big long winded materials are less attractive than short easy to follow pdf file. So, if you are thinking about writing an e-book and having that as a lead magnet, you might want to reconsider. Instead, think about summarizing those points in a pdf file and offer that instead.

It needs to highlight your client’s pain points: It is not necessary but it can be very effective. Especially if you are in a competitive niche. Making your freebies highlight you client’s pain points and showing them exactly how to solve it can be very effective.

lead magnet opt in list that convert

Extra tips:

  1. Utilize the thank you page
  2. Test, test, and test some more

Utilize the thank you page: Once your subscriber opts in to your offer, you need to direct them to a thank you page. There, you can up sell an initial offer, share great insight about your business and brand, and use it to build trust. So don’t overlook the thank you page. Use it as a vessel  to communicate with your audience.

Below is tutorial on creating a lead magnet in under 4 minutes in Canva:

Test, test, and test some more: There are many things that can be overlooked as you are setting up your lead magnet. It’s always a good idea to test your process an make sure everything is working as expected. From subscribing to receive your offer to the email sequences, make sure everything is fully functional.

Finally, regardless of the age of your blog or your site, a lead magnet is a must when it comes to growing your brand and your email list. Start utilizing this effective method to expand your email marketing efforts and always remember to keep in mind the best practices that makes your lead magnet standout from your competition.

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