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Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Avoid Spam Filter

Email Marketing Best Practices: Imagine this scenario, you start crafting this beautiful email for your subscribers. It has all of the amazing points to get them started. You hit send and refresh your email analytics to see how many individual have clicked on your email and then you realize the number is zero. Absolutely nothing has happened to your email. At this moment you are scratching  your head trying to figure out what possibly went wrong. Was it the subject line? Was it the timing? What email marketing best practices you can follow? Maybe you should have made the fonts a little bigger and have used emojis. Ideas keep pouring in. It’s like an episode of CSI you are trying to figure out just what went wrong with your email without the background music and commercials in between.

Well, I will tell you what went wrong. Because I have been there. It was me scratching my head, trying to make heads and tails about where my email went. You know what, I know for sure it wasn’t just me who faced this issue. Do you know how I know it? Because I hear this complain over and over.

Recently I went to a networking event and one of the attendees asked this question. Surprisingly no one followed up to answer her. I was itching to answer her question but the host of the event moved on to the next question and her question didn’t get addressed. Lucky for me  she came by and sat next to me during lunch. She has a growing brick and mortar business but this was definitely an issue for her as she was unable to communicate properly with her subscribers. I asked her about her problem to see what she has tried so far and what her pain point was.

“My email does not end up on the inbox,” she said.

“Have you tried switching your provider?” I asked. If you are wondering where that question came from here is a little bit of history on my other post.

“No I haven’t” she answered.

By this time I had a game plan for her in my head to help her with her email issues. I shared those with her, which evidently has worked for me. I am going to share them with you.

5 Days Challenge

Are you ready???

  1. Switch Provides: My universal solution to this problem is switching your providers. If you haven’t already read my history, click the link here to read all about it.
  2. Get rid of excessive links: Excessive links are often considered spam and often will cause you to end up in the spam section. By the way, do you know how many influencers email I have seen end up on my promotion tab? Plenty. They probably have no idea that this is happening to their email. But you are being warned. Forgo using links that you can live without. Before you add a link, ask yourself “Is this truly necessary?”
  3. Remove images: You don’t need a add all those fancy images on your email. The more conversational your email looks the better it’s chances of landing on the inbox rather than the promo tab or the spam filter.
  4. Make it personal: People are less likely to filter your message if you make it more personal and conversational. So take some time to craft your message.
  5. Train your subscribers to open your emails: On your thank you page tell your subscribers to expect an email from you. This way they will be on the lookout for your email and whitelist you so that you can end up on their inbox every time.
  6. Test, test, and test some more: Email is your most valuable precious thing for your business. So make sure you take some time to test your email end to end. Send it to a dummy email account. 10 Minutes Email and Guerrilla Mail  are amazing for this purpose because you don’t need to create extra accounts to do that. Although, I do recommend using a Gmail account to test your message to make sure your message is landing safely on the inbox and not on spam filter.

There you have it. My 5+ steps of email marketing best practices for avoiding the spam filter. If you have any other method that is working well for you, don’t forget to list it below. Also don’t forget to join my 5-Days Email Marketing Challenge where I share my tips on how to grow your list automatically. Hope to see you there.

5 Days Challenge

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