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Creating Content for Website

For any digital marketer content is always the king. A content can make or break your relationship with your readers. But with ongoing demands of focusing on multiple places for your business, where do you focus and what do you need to do to creating content for your website that are valuable? Here is my 4 part approach that I take when creating a content, it includes planningcreating a theme, defining high level topic, setting up a time, and doing things in batches.



The better you can plan when you are creating content for your website, the smoother the process will be. I usually plan all my content in batches. I write for multiple platforms, therefore, it helps me schedule out a time when I can find some quite time (free of distraction) to focus on coming up with theme and high level topic for my content. In addition, I put a time frame there as well which allows me to see when I will need to create these content.

Creating a theme

Creating a theme can be very helpful when you are planning out the content for the year. For me, I usually tend to think about the themes early in the year and then work on them when I am creating the content. Having those keep me aware of the topic that I will be sharing and helps me gather information from very early on. Also working around a theme helps me get the creative juices flowing. For each month I focus on one theme then create my contents around those. If you are interested in a template that I use for planning out my theme through out the year click here: Content Planner.


Defining high level topic

The earlier you can define high level topic the better your chances of utilizing your time when it comes to actually sitting down and writing your blog. I tend to focus on the high level topics the month before so that they are ready for me when I am writing down my post.

How I Plan My High Level Topic?

  1. Setting up a time: What time you spend on writing is very important when it comes to creating content for your website. Usually I plan out that day in a calendar. Make sure all my other to do lists are taken care of the day before or early that week so that I am not distracted. Then I grab a large coffee and get down to business which in case creating contents based on what I have pre planned. 
  2. Avoid doing this: What I don’t do during this time is, I don’t worry about the image. I also don’t worry about the keywords at this point. My goal is to achieve flow of pumping out values without worrying about distractions or things that can hold us back. Also, picking a time when you are most alert works best as well. I am a morning person so I tend to start early because that’s when my flow state occurs most often. Late in the afternoon I get too tired to do things that requires creativity.

Doing things in batches

It takes a lot of time when you jump from one task to another. When you do similar tasks together you save a ton of time. Just think about for a second. You already have your blog planner out. You have your computer and your word processor open. Now once you type up a content and then move onto creating your blog images you are shifting your focus to something else entirely. Now let’s say you pull up another topic from the same theme and start writing. You already have the word processor open, you are already in the mindset of writing. So why not  leverage that time and start creating your content on batches.

Not only does this allow you to achieve flow, but you are able to finish your content early and schedule them ahead of time and you won’t have to worry about missing a blog post or a deadline. Also, if you are planning on guest posting, based on your writing schedule you can give accurate deadline because you know which day you will focus on creating the content. Once you do that you can go ahead and mark your calendar to focus on just that task.

If you are interested in planning ahead your themes and your high level content, make sure to check out the Content Planner that also has bonuses such as tracking your sponsors and other important blog data.


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