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Why I Switched to ConvertKit for Email Marketing Leads and Why You Should Too

In today’s world, smart marketing, generating email marketing leads, and business automation makes or breaks your business and the overall reach to your audience. It is especially true when you are trying to build a lasting relationship with you audience. With so many businesses fighting for your reader’s attention, it’s crucial that you get your message to the audience at the right time.

Wouldn’t be a nightmare if all the work that you put into crafting your emails, created automation and setup your sales funnel only to discover there were no results. Well that’s exactly what happened to me. Let me share with you my sales funnel and email marketing leas nightmare in my business early on and why I decided to switch to ConvertKit. So, if you are like me, grab some coffee, and get comfortable because this ride is about get bumpy.

What’s a sales funnel?

Before I dive in however, let’s make sure we are clear on what a sales funnel is. I can feel my teacher voice coming out. Just imagine me, saying the last couple of sentences in a teacher voice. If you are in my BE-U program, you are probably already all too familiar with that voice. Anyway, a funnel is based upon the same theory of a physical funnel.

I am sure you have seen what a physical funnel looks like, it’s a wide open with conical mouth that has a long narrow stem. A sales funnel works the same way:

  1. Your user gets into your funnel through subscribing to an opt-in for their email marketing leads.
  2. Then as the time goes on, you will nurture the user to this lifecycle.
  3. As a result a percentage of them will come out of the other end of the funnel with a sale.

I cover more about sales funnel in my free 5-Days Email Marketing Challenge below that also goes over the step-by-step process setting up your funnel and your email marketing effort:

5 Days Email Marketing Challenge

5 days email marketing challenge

How did my funnel nightmare begin?

So let’s go back to my real life funnel nightmare story. As I stat typing this I can imagine dramatic music playing in the background. That’s how painful this experience still is to me. I created my beautifully crafted emails to go inside my funnel. Tweaked and updated everything that was to be tweaked. Made everything on my email management service and was excited to check the status of my funnel the next day and nada.


No opt-ins.

Not one single email was sent out.

I know users were signing up in my offers but there weren’t see my message. Frustrated, I have decided to test with one more email sent to my personal account. The result was eye opening. My email went to the promotion tab. Another email was sent. Nope, missed my target. It landed in spam. It was a nightmare that you can’t escape from, especially when you are awake. 

My second email management software that failed

I decided to part with that email management software and immediately signed up for another provider for email marketing leads. Guess where my test email landed? If you guessed “No where” and you are absolutely right. It sent an email asking me to confirm. I did not like the wording on the test email so I have decided to resend it. The same email was being sent over and over. None of my update was showing. I come from a highly technical background and my two college degrees were no match for this pain.


I was at loss. But I am resilient and wasn’t going to give up that easily.So I started looking into alternative options.

Third time’s the charm!

Then I started hearing more about ConvertKit. I am thoughtful when it comes to spending money for my business. I don’t use or recommend anything that does not have an immediate benefit. So before I invested in them, I did a calculation of my ROI and realized that the amount of subscribers that are not seeing my message outweighs the extra investment per month. I don’t want my dream funnel to not see another light of the day. So I decided to go with them, and setup everything, same emails but for the THIRD time but in half of that time.

Guess where my email with ConvertKit landed?

This time I sent out a test email, guess where it landed? On the primary page. Also, there was no weird setups that was needed to get it up and running. So after couple of trial runs I was finally comfortable with getting my funnel up and running. Even the forms that I was using to capture the subscribers looked beautiful compare to a nightmarish of a form that I was using before which I am sure was making my site look more like a spamfest, did I just make up a word? Oh my God I just made up a word. Ok moving on.

My experience was superb. I have learned to fall in love with my funnel all over again, rosy cheeks and all. Also, created couple of other ones for my other businesses and can’t get enough of it.

Anyway, so now you know why I have decided to try ConvertKit for generating my email marketing leads. To keep my sanity of course. Do you think this is something you are interested in? Click here to find out more: ConvertKit.

Key takeaways from my experience:

  1. Take some time to craft your funnel.
  2. Opt-in to your list to test the entire process. You won’t believe how many times I receive an email from marketer with links that do not work or a day that has been set on the past.
  3. Use the best tools. Time is money and if you are spending your precious time on doing thing’s that are not effective, you are not being very productive.
  4. Learn from other’s mistakes. In this case mine. Now you know what to avoid when it comes to selecting an EMS. Hope this post will help you save valuable time and avoid email marketing nightmare that I have gone through.

That’s it! Leave a comment below, if you have a similar story to share or just your overall experience with ConvertKit. Also, share this post with others who are looking into ConvertKit but not sure if it’s worth the investment.

Thank you!

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5 days email marketing challenge

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