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How to do content marketing audit?

Content marketing audit is a must to make sure your contents are fresh and relevant. there are many times I will land on a topic and find out that it has been written a long time ago. Immediately I feel that this content is outdated even though the topic might not be. Sometimes I will land on something then realize the content is not even there or the links inside the post no longer work. Not only the post is not utilizing valuable SEO traffic headed to their blog, but they are also failing to keep the readers interested.Therefore, it is important to do audit on your content from time to time and make sure you are only sharing valuable content. The important things to look at when doing content audit are: make sure links are working, make sure the content is relevant, make sure you have proper tags and categories, make sure your branding is consistent, and update the content with more relevant information.

content marketing audit


Make sure the links are working: Broken links are often a big turn off and it’s very frustrating to the readers. This is especially true when an old content has been updated but everything else that’s pointing that that particular content is not. On my money saving blog, I used to link to an YouTube video that shows how to save money in a particular store. The video no longer existed, so I had go back to my content to remove the link from all of the old posts because I didn’t want a big message to show on my blog that says content is not available.

If you want to test broken link yourself you can download a chrome extension called “Broken Link Checker” that will show you where the broken links are. In the video below I show a step by step on how to use the extension.

Make sure the content are relevant: Making sure that the content are relevant is very important especially because if you have content that are no longer needed but still residing on your site, eventually your site will start to slow down because of all those content that are out there. Plus, you will be able to redirect your traffic to content that are more relevant and engaging. Click to download the content marketing audit checklist if you have not done so: Content Marketing Audit Checklist, it has key criteria that you need to check to make sure your contents are up to date. Also make sure to add the appropriate call to action if those content do not have that.


Make sure you have proper tags and categories: My money saving blog evolved so much that what I ended up having was duplicate categories and endless number of tags. Not only it makes finding relevant information difficult, it actually makes content audit difficult as well because you will have to decipher all these categories and find relevant information. So when you are doing your audit, always look at the tags and categories and see if they can be improved.

Make sure your brand is consistent: If you are blogging for a while like me, chances are your very early posts do not have the branding or the standards that you do now. It’s important to go back and change those to stay consistent. Not only it makes your site looks fresh and neat, it also helps you utilize those old content to share your brand image and your brand message.

Update content with more relevant information: Make it a part of your audit process to update your content with more relevant information. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. You have already done a lot of hard work at the beginning when you created your content, why not give it a fresh look to make sure it stays relevant and consistent.
  2. It will show your readers that you care about the information  you are sharing and aren’t afraid to going back to modify to serve them better.
  3. It keeps your readers coming back for more because your content are fresh, new, and relevant.

In the checklist we also have things that you need to look for when you are updating your content with relevant information. Click here to download: Content Audit Checklist.

Make sure the appropriate call to action (CTA) is included: You might be missing out on a lot of things such as a chance to grow your email list when you do not have a CTA in place. If you have old posts that are missing a call to action, make sure to include them so that your readers know exactly what the next steps are when reading your post.

Extra tips:

  1. Take time: Content marketing audit takes a long time, make sure you plan ahead a time when you will be doing the audit. You don’t want to do something large like this when you are in the middle of a launch for example.
  2. Enlist help: Have a an assistant or a VA to help you to make this process as smooth as possible.
  3. Make it an on going process: Make it an essential part of your content management process. Every six months or so plan on doing a content audit and add that to your calendar.

If you are planning on doing a content edit, make sure check out our FREE checklist: Content Marketing Audit Checklist.


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