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Content Management: How to Repurpose Content to Save Time

Content repurposing is a great strategy for saving time and also for content management. As entrepreneurs we are strapped for time, there is this on going need creating but it takes a long time and if we want to speed up the process often results in poor quality. So what do you do when you have this endless demand of creating quality content but don’t have enough time? You repurpose of your content of course.

But there are things to keep in mind when you are repurposing your content as part of your content management such as not duplicating content verbatim, planning ahead (if you have read my other blog posts you should know by now that I am very big on planning), creating evergreen content, and customizing your content for different platforms.

Planning ahead: Just like everything else, repurposing your content doesn’t mean you don’t have to spend time doing the work. Actually it’s the opposite. You will have to spend good chunk of time planning out your content so that it resonates with that particular audience. You will not be able to put your entire blog post in Twitter or Facebook, so thinking ahead about what part of your content that you will repurpose will help you repurpose your content more easier. The initial content itself will be more organized because you will know ahead of time where this information will be consumed.

Creating evergreen content: Repurposing content works best when you have evergreen content. Since these content tend to last longer, it makes sense to invest extra time repurposing those content. If you are writing about latest trend on Facebook, by the time you are done writing, there is another trending topic. So it’s not very wise to spend all these time creating content for topics that will not last longer. Therefore, the best method is to repurpose content that will live longer and will be relevant to your audience even after a month. Think about the sharing aspect of it, a viral post about a topic that’s short term may not last longer, but a viral post that’s evergreen will get shared more often because it’s staying relevant.

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Customizing your content for different platforms: You can pretty much take things from one platform and modify it to fit a different platform. We talk about these strategies inside our BE-U program’s Repurposing Content course in much details but just to give you an idea, you can create a video then have that transcribed to create a blog post. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

If you are interested in learning more about ways you can repurpose your content check download the list where we have 15 ways to Repurpose Your Content to help you maximize your time and your effort.


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