Biz Empowered Podcast Episode 3: Product Launch Strategy with Susan Castle

Jessica M. Castle is a launch strategist working with coaches, consultants, authors and other creative entrepreneurs to effortlessly sell their information products and programs online. In this interview Susan Castle shares her unique three-phase launch approach, she creates successful launches that attract, convert and wow your ideal clients. After working […]

Biz Empowered Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Susan Barber About Coaching and Leadership

I am very excited about this episode. In this episode I interviewed Susan Barber who is an accomplished Executive Coach, Leadership Development Facilitator and Information Technology & Consumer Goods Business Leader. She spent 20+ years in the Consumer Goods Industry as an IT and Leadership Executive. We talked about leadership, […]

Productivity Improvement Techniques that Entrepreneurs Use

Productivity Improvement Techniques that Entrepreneurs Use Welcome to our Productivity series, today we have Productivity Improvement Techniques that Entrepreneurs Use. We have compiled their amazing productivity tips from these 5 entrepreneurs that they follow on a daily basis. Bernadine Graham Learn more about Bernadine at Please Share One of Your Productivity […]