One of the biggest struggles that our readers face when they are growing their business are balancing how much to reinvest in their business and how much to spend on everything else. Being able to keep up keeping up between working on the business and balancing life.

Also, there is this challenge of not knowing if they are doing things correctly and spending an abundance of time learning. It’s not knowing if the expectations are too high on growing the business or is it something that will be worth it later. There is this constant battle of not wanting to spend hundreds on something that is in a trial phase.


At Biz Empowered we focus on empowering you with those challenges, whatever “it” maybe, whether if it’s a mindset that’s preventing you from pursuing your goals, a technical blockage, or a little nudge to move your business forward, we are here to help you achieve that and much more. Through our contents, trainings, and services we want to help you achieve the confidence in your business to make “Big decisions”.

We help you overcome your fear of failure and how to prevent yourself from being pulled in different directions and thrive, truly thrive in your business.


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Hello, my name is Fatema Karim and I am the founder of Biz Empowered and Biz Empowered University, Huffington Post contributor, and SCORE advisor. I came into the entrepreneur world as a need to build a future that is all about creating freedom and being available for my family. I worked on corporate 9-5 as a software engineer and there has been the constant demand of growing my career while being there for my family. Once when my daughter was sick I had to fly in my mom from another state to come and help us because my then manager wouldn’t let me take a day off to care for my child. I have decided to start building a business on the side because one day I envisioned myself escaping the corporate world and build a life that I didn’t need a vacation from.

I started growing my brick and mortar retail store in August 2012 while working full time. The result was draining. I had to become smart with my time and my effort on growing my side hustle. This especially became more important when I had my son. I wanted to be there for him and not miss out on those precious milestones.

I started putting everything on my business and finally, on July 2016, I was able to leave my six figure senior role in a very large tech company to focus full time on the business. I have also learned that through growing my brick and mortar I had to keep up with the latest technology, learn the social media trends, and always have a competitive edge. I was also blessed to meet amazing individuals from the entrepreneur world who are not only trailblazers but many of whom are also my mentors as well.

While growing my business, I was often asked about startup owners and side hustlers how I was able to grow my business, how to do digital and email marketing, and how to plan better so that one day they can also take the leap. I have started documenting my learnings and the result is Biz Empowered University which has been years in the making. A program that is all about taking actionable steps and overcoming barriers to grow your business. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey and often you will find very few people actually support it or understand the need for it. That’s why it’s important to have access to resources, connections, and masterminds who can support you when you need it. This is especially true when you are bootstrapping and not want to spend your hard earned money for products and resources that are not affordable.

I have learned through my journey that entrepreneurship is not only about making a decision about LLC or S-Corp. It’s a lifestyle, a journey that can be the most amazing and rewarding when you have a support system and resources in place. I come from a highly technical background. But many entrepreneurs would rather focus on growing the business than spending hours trying to overcome technical blocks. I have kept that in mind while building Biz Empowered and the BE-U program, where the value outweighs the low price.

I have always been big on education and learning. My philosophy has always been “Don’t tell me, show me! Then let me do it”. This mindset has helped me become the valedictorian of my class, receive higher education, and do what I love to do best, which is teaching.


In addition, I am also big on giving back. I received Spirit of Detroit award from the city of Detroit for working on a campaign against drug abuse and we created websites, brochures, and information materials to raise awareness. Currently, I am focused on growing the Light the Way Initiative which is all about giving back to underprivileged children.

To find out more about the Light the Way initiative, click here: Light the Way.

I hope you find the information here useful. Also, if you are looking for ways to connect, feel free to check out our private community, it’s free to join: Productive Action Driven Entrepreneurs Group.

Also if you are interested in learning more about BE-U check it out here: Biz Empowered University.

Wish you all the best in the entrepreneurship journey.