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We all talk about addressing stress in our lives, but it doesn’t always become easy. How many times have you looked at the amount of work you have to get done to meet a specific goal for your life and felt overwhelmed? If you ask me, it’s not only common but it has become an epidemic. So what can you do about it? Below I  have listed 5 essential steps to overcome stress and get laser focused on your life:

1. Analyze your current situation and assess the scenario:

Taking some time to analyze your situation and assessing the scenario will help you gain a new perspective. Usually, when something goes very unexpected in my life, I take a step backward and analyze the situation. I have also made this as part of my process, where after every project, milestones, or goals I ask myself what’s working, what’s not working, and what can be improved. By learning from the past mistakes we can become better equipped with not to repeat the same mistake over and over again.

2. Do positive affirmations:

Positive affirmations can go a long way. When something is unexpected happens, our brain tends to focus more on the negatives than the positives. Somehow we become fixated on the negative things around us and totally overlook the positive things that are going in everyday life. So, what can you do to have a better positive outlook? One of the best ways to do it is by using affirmations. When you use affirmations, remind yourself that you are worthy and as an entrepreneur, you are on a mission to succeed in your business.

3. Have a growth mindset:

The growth mindset is very different from fixed mindset. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial that we have a growth mindset. What growth mindset means is that instead of thinking negative thought after something unexpected happens in your business, think about what you have learned as part of the process. Also, think of ways you can improve next time, instead of pondering over ways how you have failed. This will help you get back on the saddle and kick things into high gear.

4. Write down what’s working well and place it where you can see it every day:

This is very important. Not only it will help you boost your confidence, it’s also a great motivator to continue to do well. I write down my wins on my whiteboard with a dry erase marker. It’s visible, easy to see, and keeps me motivated to reach my goals. Additionally, the days when I have self-doubt try to creep into my mind from time to time, I focus on the things I have accomplished, the clients whom I have helped, the projects I was able to finish, and this practice helps me feel more positive about myself and my life.

5. Try EFT:

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it’s is similar to acupuncture but doesn’t require using needles. You use your fingertips to tap on different parts of your body to release pressure instead of needles. When used correctly, you can reach astonishing results using EFT and can be as powerful as acupuncture. On top of that, you can achieve clarity, overcome roadblocks, and doubts using EFT.

There you have it, 5 powerful ways you can start overcoming overwhelm in your life. I hope to find this helpful and adapt them as part of your daily routine in your life.

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